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Donnerstag, 27. Juni 2013

Trailer: Into the Dirt of: Mt. Etna

Samstag, 29. Dezember 2012


Munich, self claimed „capital of bikes“. After the Bavarian bike community lost spot after spot in the past years Munich is now  back on track and several riding spots popped up in the last year.
Now that winter is coming and for most of us that means grabbing your headlamp and go for a shred after work, Flo is ripping up one of these new spots, a pumptrack in the outer district of munich.
Just equipped with a headlamp and no additional lightning Flo goes mental in the dark. Enjoy

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Donnerstag, 16. August 2012

Whistler never sleeps!

When it comes to riding mountainbiking Whistler is the place to. Andi stays here all season long to shred the park all day long. But have you ever tried to ride the park at night?

Andi shredding the park at 2am. Better bring some headlamps!

Sonntag, 12. August 2012

Whistler 2012

Whistler is every bikers dream and all we can say is that it really feels like heaven! Since we've
been lucky enough to visit Whistler in 2006 we couldn't resist to come back every year from that on
to enjoy the great trails and especially the perfectly shaped jumps (because that's what seperates
Whistler from pretty much all European bikeparks)!

Again this season most of the team came over to Whistler and had and still has a blast. Michi, Andi
and Toni jumped on their bikes and set up their cameraequipment to bring you the latest InFocus
movie from the Whistler bikepark and surrounding!

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Freitag, 3. August 2012

High Society

After riding the Whistler Bikepark all season long we finally grabbed our dusty trail bikes and started to discover Whistler's trail network. Once we've climbed breathtaking uphills we were rewarded with amazing various trails. Whistler's enduro trails are definatily worth trying and are in no way inferior to the bikepark itself. So if you book here don't forget your enduro bike.

Climbing up to "High Society"!

Droppin' in

Trail got all from awesome rockfaces...

...to fast, flowy singletrack sections

Donnerstag, 26. Juli 2012

Fresh air

Michi and Andi grabbed their gear and captured some big bike airtime in the Whistler Bikepark

Crackin' the table

Crabapple boost

The lift was shut down due to a big thunderstorm. Even better lighting afterwards!

Euros making Euros

4X this year is dialed! So much fun!

Big Boss watching us!
Rider: Andi Tillmann
Fotos: Michi Tillmann

Sonntag, 22. Juli 2012


Andi and Toby went out to the park and took some more nice shots in the rain and sun.

All shots courtesy of Toby Cowley