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Donnerstag, 12. August 2010

Whistler in focus

After a pretty sweet season kick-of with a couple of races and riding the german, italian and austrian alps, the freshly launched team in[focus], consisting of a group of five riding buddies, was travelling over to B.C. for an upcoming season-highlite.
The following shots give you an insight into the best moments of our first week in the famous Whister Mountain Bike Park.
Stay tuned for more action shots, videos and updates of our trip.

Enjoy ...

Ripping upper Garbanzo-zone | Rider: MT

Dirt Merchant: Know where? | Rider: MT

YEAH exactely! | Rider: FB

Buzzin' the visor on Dirt Merchant | Rider: FB

Chasing the last sunlight | Rider: MT

Upper Garbanzo | Rider: MT & MR

Airtime | Rider: MR

Full Moto | Rider: AT

Pictures taken by: Toni Tillmann

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