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Montag, 2. April 2012

The (r)ides of March

After a phenomenal winter the Alps finally revealed their trails again. Of course we packed our (camera-) bags as quick as possible and drove off to Bolzano in the heart of beautiful Upper Adige/Italy. 
The sun was out and the trails had flourish ornaments. We geared up and took our enduro bikes for a ride.
Andi, Flo and Markus preparing for some chill enduro in beautiful Bolzano/Italy

Erica was there as well


Being forced on the road to Arco/Trentino by some cold raindrops we arrived at a cloudy Lake Garda a day early which gave us some extra time for shooting. 

Next stop: Lago di Garda | We finished the trail just seconds before the next rainshower

Flo: steeeeze



It was a short but even better trip. Unfortunately the weather wasn't on our side this time so we had to flee north again, crossing the pizza-border another time back to our beloved Weißbier and home trails.

Home again!

Flo using the remaining sunrays for a nice tailwhip, ...

... and a dumped three.


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